About Pipe Push Paradise

Pipe Push Paradise is a difficult open world puzzle game. The island's plumber has been out of commission for a while and the residents are counting on you to get the water running again. They could all really use a shower.

In order to help, you'll need to push, flip and roll pipes all across the island in some of the most challenging puzzles out there. The tile-based, minimalist gameplay is super simple, but the puzzles are no joke, each offering a completely unique idea and problem to solve, and filled with surprises and new mechanics.

With an art style that wouldn't look out of place in a dusty old guide to Puerto Rico, and a relaxing, bossa nova solo guitar soundtrack, reviewer Blue Williams put it best -

"On the outside, Pipe Push Paradise seems every inch a tropical utopia. But dig a bit deeper, and you’ll discover the truth.

This is not paradise. It’s purgatory."

PPP was designed and programmed in Montréal, Canada by Corey Martin (toboggan.work) and features art and music by Teodoro Zamudio (teodorozamudio.com).


  • Pipes
  • Tile-based gameplay
  • Dozens of elegant puzzles packed with surprising mechanical twists
  • Full controller support


Corey Martin
Switch/PS4/Xbox One ports by Stage Clear Studios


Windows/Mac/Linux: Corey Martin
Switch/PS4/Xbox One: Digerati

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